Ulcer Relief | Cabbage | Natural Herbs

Ulcer Relief | Cabbage | Natural Herbs

Ulcer Relief | Cabbage | Natural Herbs

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               For many years those with stomach ulcer were told to drink milk, avoid spicy food and, of course, reduce stress. Today, we know that Helicobacter Pylori (H. pylori) causes these ulcers. It hides out in the stomach and intestinal lining. This causes the pain and inflammation which increases with acids like smoking, alcohol, coffee, drugs and commercial anti-acids.

               Some, not all, people have had luck with antibiotics in eradicating this bacteria, but it can be recurring. If you want to go the more natural route for ulcer relief then read the following suggestions.

Because of its natural healing properties, cabbage can help you fight ulcer.

Studies have found those who drink cabbage juice (or eat it), could get rid of ulcer rather quickly.

Cabbage Against Ulcer

               So, bring on the cabbage! Even in Roman times cabbage was used for ulcers. Studies have found those who drink cabbage juice (or eat it), could get rid of ulcer rather quickly. Cabbage is high in Vitamin C, thought to inhibit H. Pylori, and also contains an amino acid, glutamine, that can boost stomach circulation, thus helping to accelerate ulcer healing. As cabbage is a high sulfur compound it is also good for pain and inflammation from other areas like joint pain.

Cabbage Recipe Against Ulcer


               If you want to try this it takes ½ head of cabbage to get enough juice for about one cup, and if you add a tsp of extra virgin Olive oil (EVOO) you have very powerful inhibitors of H. Pylori.  For more taste you can add celery, parsley or aloe juice which are also healing for gastric inflammatory problems. Newer studies have found cranberries can also inhibit this bacteria from adhering to stomach lining.

Other Herbs to Fight Ulcer

               Secondly, you can also fight Ulcer with Herbs and other super foods to help give you soothing relief caused from the erosion of stomach and intestinal walls. A few suggestions include Ginger Syrup or Tea made with turmeric spice with the addition of either Slippery Elm, Chamomile, Licorice or Marshmallow Root. (or curcumin/ turmeric tablets are available) Then for infection, use aged garlic extract or Olive Leaf extract. Others have found Omega 3’s flax oil, Quercitin, or Honey Propolis also helps by retarding bacterial growth of H. Pylori.

               Lastly, to Improve and Rebuild the gastro-intestinal mucosa lining back to normal use chlorella, ginseng, Vitamins C, E and A along with a good all natural probiotic.

               You will feel like a New Person again!! Give the good old college try and it will be well worth it!




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